Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013: Achieve

I'm a little late in the year, I guess, but I thought I'd share my 2013 word. Each year I (and many other people) choose a word that expresses the things that you want to do and improve on for the next year. 

I have a few goals this year, some of which have already taken a hit or two. I know, but it's hard to make those changes so quickly. Here are some of my goals:

1. P365 Photo challenge - I want to take a photo every day. At least one photo of each of my boys showing everything from the ordinary everyday things to the extraordinary things that they do that amaze me. I've already not done this, but I will try harder and get better.

2. P52 Layout challenge - I want to scrap at least one layout a week. And yes, I've also suffered there. 

3. Project Organization - Hahahahaha ... yeah, but I'm going to try. Not just my home, but my life. I'm going to try to be on time for things (or even early!). I want to have plans and peace about things that are going on. 

4. Blogging - I want to blog more, share more, and interact more. Eventually I'll have a plan in place, maybe a schedule, but who knows. I want to get my own domain this year where I'll have lots more space and things that I can do. I hope to then set up a family blog and keep this blog or at least post more about our lives. This is probably more long term than the others (well, except organization, but really, we're all just going to see about that one, right?), but it's still a quantifiable goal.

5. Project Faith - This may be one of the biggest ones. I want to be more open about my Christianity. I am a Christian, Southern Baptist actually. Not the crazy, funeral protesting, Baptists, but real down to earth, God loves you and we do, too, Southern Baptist. I actually lead (ugh, I can't believe they made me admit that I'm the "leader") a Young Adult Bible Study on Wednesday Nights. I'm horrible about preparing for class and often just wing it. I want to get way better at that, trying to keep up with the daily reading and prayer. I want to be a better leader, a better witness, and better mother, wife, and friend, and a better Christian all around. This may be the hardest, but I am going to try. 

To encompass all of that and more, but not making it so that a slip up here or there equals failure, I tried to choose my word very carefully and this is what I came up with: Achieve. I even scrapped it. 

Products used:
Get the Point? by Meagan's Creations
Flower Basics by Meagan's Creations
Essentials: Primary by Stolen Moments by Stolen Moments
Run.Laugh.Play {solids} by Stolen Moments by Stolen Moments
Run.Laugh.Play {patterns} by Stolen Moments
Run.Laugh.Play {filler cards) by Stolen Moments
Numerology by Stolen Moments
Document This: Essentials by Litabells 
Stitches by Traci Reed Designs
Glitters made by me, Manda Lane Scraps, for use on this layout.
Achieve - [uh-cheev]; Verb; to bring to a successful conclusion; reach a goal

Note: Achieve means "to bring to a successful conclusion" while accomplish means "to preform fully;" the completion of achievement is more comprehensive. 

I did think about accomplish a bit in the beginning until I saw that note in the definition of achieve. I think achieve is more what I want to do. I don't want to just slog through it and finish, I want to do it and be in every part of it, happy and feeling alive because I am doing it - whatever that might be this year. 

Do you have a word this year? Have you scrapped it? I actually cropped down just the "achieve" cluster and the background to my Facebook Timeline Cover to remind me each time I see that. I'd love to hear about yours or see it! Maybe we can get through this together this year, huh? 

Until next time! Happy scrapping and God bless! 

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